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5 Facts About Downtown San Antonio Restaurants


Posted By: Esquire Team


Whether you’re planning a trip to Texas or you’ve lived there all your life, it’s important to know the basics about downtown San Antonio restaurants. San Antonio is a vibrant city full of places to grab a bite, settle in for a few drinks, or find the bar you want to make your second home for life. So, what are the five things you most need to know about downtown San Antonio restaurants?

1. Choice. It’s been said that San Antonio has something for everyone. That means millennials, baby boomers, business people, cowboy types, hippies, hipsters, and everyone in between. There’s never a need to settle for a bar or eatery that doesn’t suit you. There’s bound to be another on the next block.

2. History. If you’re looking for downtown San Antonio restaurants with a long, celebrated history, you’ll find them. The oldest one, Esquire Tavern, is a must-visit any time you get near the Riverwalk.

3. Specialties. Everyone has a specialty — seafood, classic cocktails, vegan fare, etc. — so there’s sure to be San Antonio eateries that cater to your favorite dish or something you’ve always wanted to try. If you’re with friends or family, though, you might need a more varied menu.

4. Secrets. Most, if not all, downtown San Antonio restaurants have their mysteries. Maybe it’s a haunted juke box, clandestine menu items, or better still … a secret room only the cool kids know about.

5. Options. The most important fact to keep in mind about the bars and eateries on the Riverwalk is that there’s no “right one” for everyone. If you put in a little legwork, you're sure to find your perfect place.

We suggest beginning your search at the oldest and one of the most creative downtown San Antonio restaurants: The Esquire Tavern. The Esquire Tavern boasts a creative staff with a passion for providing you with excellent meal and snack choices, classic and new-fangled drinks galore, and an atmosphere that’s just right for an intimate meal or a night out with friends. Book a table now or call 210-222-2521.