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5 Reasons Esquire Tavern Is the Best San Antonio Hipster Bar


Posted By: Esquire Team


So, you're looking for the best San Antonio hipster bar. A noble goal, and we commend you. Hipster sightings on the Riverwalk are increasingly common. Locals and tourists alike enjoy these fascinating creatures. Free-range hipsters can be recognized by their well-groomed mustaches (curls optional), a liberal amount of fragrant beard conditioner, and a zest for life that goths and emos simply cannot match.

Why hipster bars? Good question. Hipsters are dedicated to — if you know the phrase — sucking the marrow out of life. The hipster set has a passion for simple, clean things: music performed with zeal, drinks prepared with passion and care, pickles perfectly seasoned and brined especially for those who will appreciate the time spent, etc. Classic music, ambiance, food, and extraordinary libations — people go to hipster bars because hipsters know what's up.

We say that the finest example of a San Antonio hipster bar has to be Esquire Tavern. They've been around since prohibition (but not before — they're not Capone's guys, for heaven's sake!) and serve incredible microbrews, classic and newfangled cocktails alike. There's a reason locals flock to Esquire Tavern: the food is awesome, and the hipster watching is just as good.

What makes Esquire Tavern the best San Antonio hipster bar? For starters, check out this menu! Whether you're looking to try something wild and new or just want to get your mouth around the best burger you've ever had, Esquire Tavern is the place. Want to round out your meal with a curious microbrew or a transcendent Old Fashioned? You can!

Sounds perfect, right? But what if you're not necessarily in the mood for a raucous crowd? Downstairs at Esquire Tavern features an abbreviated menu and all the same great drinks in a more intimate setting.

You don't need a reservation, but having one can ensure you have a table with minimal waiting. After all, everybody knows Esquire Tavern is the San Antonio hipster bar to see! Book a table now or call 210-222- 2521.