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A Fine Example of a Cocktail Bar in San Antonio


Posted By: Esquire Team


You’d been worried since Wednesday that you weren’t going to make it through the week. But you did — it’s finally Friday! Now what? You don’t want to stay at home, but a movie would require more concentration than you feel like mustering. You think a few cocktails might be in order, and you're pretty hungry. A cocktail bar in San Antonio might be just the thing. What if it also has fantastic food and a fun atmosphere, so you can call friends up to meet you? Could such a place really exist?

Of course it does! Cocktail bars in San Antonio are nothing new. In fact, the best ones have been around for years and years. The Esquire Tavern opened in 1933 to celebrate the end of prohibition. Luckily for you, they’ve been developing and perfecting fine cocktails ever since.

What makes for a fine cocktail bar in San Antonio? Good question. For starters, you need passionate mixologists. These folks have an admiration for classic drinks. In the mood for an Old-Fashioned? A Harvey Wallbanger? Any decent bar can approximate these tried-and-true beverages. But a true mixologist won’t stop at standard recipes. They experiment with flavors, brands, techniques, and additions until they perfect even the specialty drinks you thought you knew.

But what about new concoctions? Folks at Esquire Tavern are always working on creative new drinks made for slow sipping to reveal every flavor. Try a local fave like the Texecutioner or the Immigrant Punk.

Ever feel frustrated with a bartender who seems to have no idea what to do with aromatics or bitters? The Esquire Tavern knows your pain and can achieve things with drinks using oils and rinds — and yes, even bitters — that you never thought possible. On those days when you don’t want to think about anything, it’s a pleasure to let someone create the perfect drink for you.

Make Esquire Tavern your next dinner and drink destination, and find out all that a cocktail bar in San Antonio can truly be! Book a table now or call 210-222-2521.