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Check Out “Downstairs” at The Esquire Tavern!


Posted By: Esquire Team


For the uninitiated, “Downstairs” at The Esquire Tavern is a cozy hideaway just downstairs from the main attraction. All the superbly crafted drinks are still there, because who wants a bar without quality drinks, right? The downstairs lounge also serves small-scale eats, perfect for when you just want to graze as you enjoy drinks and conversation.

Who can be found at “Downstairs” at The Esquire Tavern? Lots of people:

  • Aficionados of classic mixed drinks like the Manhattan or the Old Fashioned.
  • Those who already love The Esquire Tavern but are looking for something a little more quiet and intimate.
  • Hipster foodie types seeking passionate mixologists to make them innovative new drinks such as Appeasement No. 2, the Texecutioner, or Hey Baby, Que Paso?
  • Beer buffs who could talk about craft beer for a whole night and not begin to exhaust their knowledge or enthusiasm.
  • Business people looking to discuss a deal over high-quality drinks and gourmet food in a traditionally Texas atmosphere.
  • Small groups who gather to talk about movies, hobbies, sports, or the mysteries of life . . . because they know these subjects are best discussed over drinks and hors d’oeuvres.
  • Local San Antonio residents looking for a riverside hangout without the crush of tourists.

Drinkers and diners come to “Downstairs” at The Esquire Tavern because they offer the same fabulous drinks and attentive, knowledgeable staff that they have upstairs. There’s also a fun menu of apps and other tasty snacks that your server can help you pair perfectly with your beverage of choice. But unlike upstairs, “Downstairs” features an intimate space and a quieter atmosphere—in case you really want to hear what the person next to you is saying. Visit to relax, have a business meeting, or cuddle with your sweetie. Reserve a table “Downstairs” at The Esquire Tavern and find out for yourself what people in the know are talking about.