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The Greatest San Antonio Downtown Restaurant—Best Burgers in Town!


Posted By: Esquire Team


The humble burger. Is there a more perfect food anywhere on earth? If there is, we haven't heard about it. The combination of juicy meat, a substantial but not overwhelming bun, and a carefully chosen array of harmonious toppings has long been one of the most enjoyed and celebrated foodstuffs ever. Locals know that The Esquire is the destination for the best burgers in San Antonio. Downtown restaurants all have their specialties—but the burgers at The Esquire can't be beat.

Not all burger meat is created equal. A truly exceptional burger starts with locally sourced beef with just the right amount of marbling. Burger creation can be a like a tightrope act that balances flavor, texture, and fat content—resulting in a burger that offers the best in flavor, construction, and mouthfeel. After all—introducing meat to bun is just the opening step of crafting the best burgers around. Still, a San Antonio downtown restaurant like The Esquire won't stop with the perfect beef. They also offer bison and lamb in their determination to offer a unique burger experience.

Someone once said that a good burger doesn't need toppings. Maybe not, but they sure are fun. An array of cheeses, peppers, sauces, and other awesome condiments are among the burger enhancing choices offered by The Esquire. We suspect that your biggest problem will be trying to decide which burger suits you best.

No night on the town is complete without a stop at a great San Antonio downtown restaurant. A drink or two before a movie or concert is always a good idea—and Esquire mixologists are always on hand to serve up something exceptional. Need a meal or a late-night snack to wind down after a wild night? Maybe you need a quieter table so you can converse with your friends. Whatever your needs—The Esquire is the place to be. Check out The Esquire's website to peruse the menu or reserve a table.