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The Absolute Best Riverwalk Restaurant


Posted By: Esquire Team


Is there a fool-proof way to determine the best Riverwalk restaurant? Some might say it's impossible to tell before the food arrives. But if you ask foodies, chefs, and others who work in the field, they may let you in on the telltale signs of a truly great eatery.

Reservations. A restaurant doesn't need to require reservations to be truly great. But they should offer the option. Letting you reserve the perfect table is a helpful way to let regular customers know they are valued.

Menu Size. Obviously, we all want choices in life — and at meals. But did you know that a small restaurant with a very large menu may not be a good thing? In fact, it may be downright suspicious. It could even mean that a lot of their food is made elsewhere and then brought in. Just … no.

Specialties. When you ask locals to name the best Riverwalk restaurant, they'll probably mention a specific dish or drink. That's because when we crave a trip to our favorite tavern or burger joint, what we're really craving is that one specific meal you associate with your favorite place. Maybe it's an Esquire Cheeseburger or the perfect Old Fashioned.

Dining Space. We all look for something different when it comes to ambiance. Most of us agree, though, that music too loud to talk over or tables impossible to walk around are right out. A dining area should be welcoming and comfortable while allowing diners to connect with each other as they enjoy their food and drink. Beware of distractions.

Some say the Happy Hour specials at The Esquire make it the best Riverwalk restaurant for an after-work get-together. Others love the intimacy of dining Downstairs. Whether you're looking for a great dinner out or a few drinks with friends before or after a show, let The Esquire tavern show you why they call it the absolute best Riverwalk restaurant.