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The Ultimate San Antonio Hipster Bar


Posted By: Esquire Team


The hipster. This elusive creature can be spotted in and around major cityscapes in most US states. Known for choosing vintage fashion and timeless grooming options over modern trends, free range hipsters are known for their witty banter, Instagram filters, waxed mustaches, and appreciation for the finer, simpler things in life. If you’re looking to spot the free range hipster in its natural habitat, a San Antonio hipster bar might be a good place to begin.

Keep in mind that self-respecting hipsters can’t be found in just any dive pub. To seek out truly discerning hipsters, one must travel to local gastropubs and drink emporiums of the highest quality. If you’re hoping to catch a glimpse of free range, locally sourced hipsters near you, try these tips:

  • Avoid sports bars, strip clubs, motorcycle hangouts, and other places frequented by non-hipsters. Hipsters frighten easily when confronted with the mainstream.
  • Hipsters have an abiding fondness for classic beverages. Find the best Old Fashioned in town, and camp out near it. Eventually, the hipsters will appear.
  • Seek out establishments with a loyal customer base where the bartenders are well-versed in the finest and most esoteric ingredients.
  • Hipsters love history. Set up a hipster-watching enclave in a San Antonio hipster bar with a long and celebrated history.
  • What’s better than hipster sightings in a San Antonio hipster bar? Why, a hipster sighting in a little-known secret room of a San Antonio hipster bar.

Most hipsters are also foodies. This is where hipster watching can get complicated. Occasionally, modern hipsters bring with them a host of modern dietary requirements. To see these hipsters in the wild, you must first find restaurants that cater to those who are vegan or gluten free, while still providing fare for carnivores. Bonus points for homemade brews or French press coffee.

Perhaps the most enlightening aspect of hipster watching is how much there is to enjoy in a San Antonio hipster bar. The food, history, drinks, and ambiance are so welcoming, you might forget all about hipster sightings and focus on having a noteworthy time. To book a table at The Esquire Tavern, please call 210-222-2521 or visit our website.