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Garry Baker

Garry Baker

At an early age, Garry Baker realized the special joy and contentment which derives from providing for everyone around him. As such, it is no surprise that some fifteen years later he finds himself both a veteran in service, and at home at The Esquire Tavern. “When I reflect upon my career, I see how each and every experience I’ve ever had in any restaurant or bar has brought me to The Tavern. It all makes perfect sense, and I’m really happy to be here”, he says when asked about his role.

From administration to operations, your experience is not so much his responsibility as it is his absolute pleasure. This is obvious to anyone who sees him eagerly arise from his desk to roll up his sleeves and join his highly-esteemed team in their service to The Esquire Tavern’s many Guests from near & far.

It is with an innate sense of hospitality that he inspires and leads The Esquire Tavern to achieve new heights, and toward several exciting projects in the group’s near future.

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