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Low Carb Food on the San Antonio Riverwalk


Posted By: Esquire Team


Originally used to support epileptics in the 1920s, the ketogenic diet, or “keto,” is a low carb food diet designed to replace carbs with fats for energy. Keto, which involves eating many fats, moderate proteins, and few carbohydrates, has gained massive popularity in recent years. Even so, it can be difficult finding a low carb restaurant in San Antonio.

Thankfully, you don’t have to sacrifice your dietary needs to enjoy yourself while exploring the San Antonio Riverwalk. Tourist traps and restaurants have reputations of being unhealthy and greasy, but not all of them.

The Esquire Tavern has your low carb food needs covered without sacrificing quality or taste. We boast a wide selection of dishes that can be modified to fit a low carb diet, and you’ll even have room to fit a couple of keto-friendly drinks. Check out our seven best low carb food options.

Low Carb Dining on the Riverwalk

  • 1. Lamb Lettuce Wraps — Crafted with a low carb diet in mind, our Lamb Lettuce Wraps feature specialty lamb sausage, tzatziki sauce, sweet and spicy pickles, feta cheese, and cilantro, all wrapped in a hearty lettuce leaf. Cut back on the tzatziki sauce for premium keto maintenance, and you’ve got a low carb meal to ease your hunger pains.

  • 2. Chicken Tortilla Soup — With cooler weather right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to sip on low carb tortilla soup. Mixed with cotija cheese, sour cream, lime, tostadas, and avocado, our Chicken Tortilla Soup provides a great mix of healthy fats and delicious flavor. Omit the tostadas and sour cream for best low carb results while still enjoying the delectable flavors.

  • 3.Texas Wagyu Ribeye — When all else fails, order a steak! A hearty source of protein, our Texas Wagyu Ribeye is an ideal low carb dish, grilled and served with optional garlic-herb butter. With 12 oz. of pure protein, you won’t be disappointed with this hefty meal. Everything is bigger in Texas, especially the food on the San Antonio Riverwalk!

  • 4.Top-Rated Burgers — The Esquire has been around for decades, and the staple that keeps tourists and residents coming back to our Riverwalk restaurant are our tasty burgers. From our Wildcat Burger prepared with grilled pineapple and red pepper jelly to our famous Bison Burger, all our burgers can be prepared with lettuce buns. Enjoy your next Lamb Burger or Bacon Cheeseburger without the bloat of carbs.

  • 5.Curry Cauliflower Salad — A lighter fare low carb dish, the Curry Cauliflower Salad is an ideal option for those looking for low carb, vegan, or gluten-friendly dishes. Enjoy arugula, charred lemon, roasted cauliflower, and a zesty curry vinaigrette tossed together for a tangy salad mix you won’t find anywhere else on the Riverwalk.

  • 6.Deviled Eggs — Kick off the main course (or snack while enjoying beverages) with our signature Deviled Eggs. At The Esquire Tavern, we only use free-range eggs for quality. Sprinkled with pink peppercorn and arugula, our Deviled Eggs are designed to please all diets and taste preferences.

  • 7. Wide Selection of Red and White Wine — Alcohol doesn’t have to be complicated. We provide a wide variety of keto-friendly drinks, and our award-winning mixologists can concoct a perfect brew for you. Our menu features many red and white wines with naturally low-carb counts, ranging between 96-150 calories per serving.

Planning ahead is key when maintaining a low carb diet on vacation or at while eating out for a meal. It’s always handy to bring along keto-friendly snacks to munch on while out on the town, but we’re proud to offer low carb meals you don’t have to think twice about.

See something on our menu that piques your interest? Substitutions are available, so feel free to enjoy your meal without the guilt on the Riverwalk. Give us a call ahead to book a table or see what other low carb foods we offer.

Our menu features a variety of options for all preferences or diets, and we can guarantee everyone will love your “diet food”!